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MRF Legend VK 300 Cricket Bat - English Willow - Used by Professional Players

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MRF's association with sports in India, especially cricket, goes all the way back to the 1980s. We took it to the next level in the 1990s when some of the world's best batsmen wielded bats sponsored by us, playing unforgettable knocks that swept you through a whole range of emotions. Now we take a step closer to you. Presenting MRF Sports Goods, available at over 350 stores across the country.

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This cricket bat sounds like a true masterpiece, crafted meticulously for the discerning player seeking top-notch performance. The attention to detail in selecting Grade 1st English Willow and ensuring a pristine face with straight grains speaks volumes about the commitment to quality.

The natural air-drying process seems to be a key factor in enhancing the bat's performance, ensuring superior ping, compressibility, durability, and an optimal weight-to-compressibility ratio. With a weight ranging between 1160 to 1190 grams, it strikes a fine balance between flexibility and power, ideal for executing those precise shots.

The spine and edge concept seems to have been carefully engineered to maximize the bat's performance on the field, providing substantial concavity, generous edges, and a robust spine. Coupled with the 9-piece swarkcane handle, this bat offers optimal performance and rigidity, ensuring a comfortable grip and powerful swings.

The inclusion of a high-quality bat cover, a robust toe, and an ultra-light pickup further elevate the overall experience, making this cricket bat a standout choice for serious players looking to excel on the field.

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